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Our Story

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We care about what you eat.

For close to 20 years, Door to Door Organics has been passionate about making it easier for your busy family to eat healthy by delivering organic, fresh fruits & vegetables & natural, local groceries to your door.

It all started with a blissful bite of fruit

Door to Door Organics Founder David Gersenson’s idea for the business was sparked by a trip to India in his early 20s. Not a big fan of fruits & vegetables while growing up in Bucks County, Pa., he was amazed by how fresh & delicious mangoes & other produce tasted in India. He learned that the crops were grown by local farmers without using toxic chemicals to kill pests or weeds. In other words, they were grown organically.

When David returned home, spotting a grocery delivery truck ignited the idea of delivering the fresh flavors of just-picked farmers-market produce directly to homes in his community. He began partnering with local, organic family farms & packed the boxes in his garage before making the first Door to Door Organics delivery in 1997.

Our Commitment

Since that first delivery of a simple, seasonal box of organic produce, Door to Door Organics has been dedicated to empowering people to eat Good Food. It's food that has a positive impact on your health, our communities & the environment. What really drives our team of pickers, packers & drivers is being a better business & making a positive impact on our food system:

  • Door to Door Organics became the first grocery store in Colorado to meet the rigorous standards of social, environmental & corporate responsibility to achieve designation as a B Corporation.
  • By skipping trips to the store & getting groceries delivered, you are not just saving time, but saving the planet. Renewable Choice Energy found that the CO2 emissions we help customers keep out of the air is equal to planting 1,080 trees or taking 23 cars off the road for a year.
  • Door to Door Organics also keeps 44% more food out of the landfill than the average supermarket.
  • In 2014, we donated 471,000 pounds of organic produce to food banks in our communities through regular weekly donations.

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